Monday, January 31, 2011

Teen K's Room - which is now a Before....

The summer before Teen K started middle school, we redecorated her bedroom while she was out of town.  Now it wasn't a total surprise - she was picked the bedding, and I worked from there.  When we moved here, she was in 2nd grade, and loved the lavender blue color that was already painted on her bedroom walls, so we mixed in some princess pink and she was happy.  But now that she was heading off to middle school, she needed a more grown up room.  I, of course, was thrilled because I love to do her room - kids rooms are so much fun!!  So here's a before picture as we started painting:
The bedding K picked had a hot pink trim around the edge and also ball fringe around the pillow shams, so I used that as a jumping off point.  Her room has very high ceilings, so I wanted to take advantage of that when we painted.  I picked a point about 3 inches below the top of the door frame, and painted below that a hot pink color, aptly called Hot Pink by Behr.   Above that and on to the ceiling we did in Cottage White (also Behr) to keep it from getting too dark.  Since we have textured walls, I knew the line between the 2 colors wouldn't be straight, so I got black ball fringe and used silver push pins to put it up around the room. 

I also had the brilliant idea to paint parts of two different walls with magnetic paint below the pink - bad plan!  I know many of you out in the blogosphere have had success w/ the magnetic paint, but we did NOT!!  After tons of shaking & stirring, only strong magnets, with nothing under them, will stick.  So my great plan to keep from having bunches of holes in the walls totally didn't work.  PLUS, we had to cover that black magnetic paint with about a million coats of the Hot Pink to try to cover it up.  Painting this room literally took us about 5 days!  Here's some in progress photos:
And finally the finished product - this is my favorite room for her that I've ever done:
Now there are several projects in here for me to share, which will come separately, but I love the room!  Bedding and curtains are from Target. I was so glad to take these pictures before she got home, because it's never looked like this again!!! 

And did you notice the subject here - that this is now a Before?!?  Well, K heads off to high school in the fall, so it's time to redo the room!  We are just starting the planning stages now, but she is looking at plums, blues & pinks.  I am loving where we're heading with it, but it's going to take some time to put together.  I'll bring you along as we progress, but indulge me for a while here as I share more about this room, because I'm really going to miss this one....

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  1. But she can NOT be going to high school, there is just NO way. I love her now room but can't wait to see what you do. BTW you are stinker for not telling me about this here blog of yours. I am excited because now we can be crafty together again,yay it is like having you back here.

    Cha Cha