Thursday, February 10, 2011

Little Hands

It's taken me forever to share this with you, but this has been a crazy week!  And right now I only have about 15 minutes before I have to run out the door again....but I wanted to share something new for the nursery.  You'll remember that I said that there was an empty space on the little white shelves on top of Baby A's dresser that was going to get filled - well, it's finally done:
 See that little handprint up there?  I wish I could say that this is an original idea, but it's not....I saw it on the fabulous Becky Higgins blog long before Baby A came along and wished I had thought to do it for K.  But at least I can do it for Baby A, right?!?

This is not rocket science folks, I just went to Michael's with a trusty coupon and got the acrylic paint and canvases.  These are 6"x6" canvases in a pack of 4, and what I especially love about them is that they are 1 inch thick so they look nice and chunky. 

I painted two in a lighter pink, and two in a darker pink - the light pink needed 2 coats of paint and the darker pink needed three coats.  I let each coat dry for day in between to make sure it was well cured. 

Then I corralled the baby and painted her hand with the white paint and pressed, hoping for the best, because she was not a big fan of my crafty project!  I figured if the handprint didn't look great, I could just paint over with the pink and try again, but luckily I was pleased with the first try.  Then I had ordered the Sharpie Poster Paint Pen in white (fine point) from Amazon, and I had been waiting for that to arrive to write the year in the lower right corner.  I debated about writing the year or her age, but decided on the year in the end.  I am very happy with how it turned out! 

The other 3 canvases are ready to go in her closet for the next 3 years!  I'm planning on alternating between the darker and lighter pink each year.  And I'll probably hang them on the wall eventually as she gets older. I still have a couple more projects for the nursery in the works, but at least I can check this off my list!

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  1. Just to prove that great minds do think alike,

    I do the girls hand prints layered over each over every few years.

    I just love this nursery

    Cha Cha