Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quick Tip

I know I have been largely absent lately, but my computer is barely functioning, so I have to use it for things like banking and tracking my teen's grades online....blogging comes last unfortunately!  So before it dies again, I wanted to share a quick tip that I learned recently.....

I guess everyone in the world could already be doing this, but it was news to me.... When you need to spray cooking spray in a pan or dish, and don't want to also cover your kitchen counters in overspray, open your dishwasher, hold your pan/dish in there and spray away.  Any overspray will wash right away the next time you run it.  Brilliant! 

Hoping to be back soon with that linen closet - haven't tackled it yet, but I'm getting myself psyched up for it!  We did do some de-cluttering in the bonus room over the weekend.  I didn't take any pictures because frankly, it's too embarrassing up there to even share.  BUT 2 trash bags full of junk are gone and there is the beginnings of another Goodwill pile, so progress was made.  Life a little lighter again...


  1. I did NOT know this, I will be doing this from now on. Hope you get your computer issues straighted out.

    Cha Cha