Friday, April 8, 2011

Round Top Round Up....

I was lucky enough to spend the day last Saturday exploring the Round Top Antique Fair with my good friend Audrey and my new friend Lindsay (as in Living with Lindsay).  We didn't go to the actual Round Top Antique Fair venues, because they charge you to enter there, but there are PLENTY of free places to check out great stuff along the way and in nearby Warrenton.  I didn't end up buying too much, but it was great fun to check everything out and get some inspiration.  

While honestly the quality of this chair seat cover wasn't fantastic, I loved the idea of the 2 colors of burlap and the embroidery on the seat - there were 4 chairs and they were each numbered 1-4.  It looked like those seams would really fray, but I might have to try something like this on my dining room chairs.  I need to check the place at our mall that does embroidered shirts to see if they would embroider something that I brought in to them. 

I also loved these cards above - but I am sure that if I could find a similar font and then print them on cardstock and use a corner rounder on them for the same results.  They were only $.50 a piece, but why buy when you can print?  Goodness knows I have enough cardstock here!!!
This light fixture was so cool!  Not the greatest photo since I was using my phone, but those are wire baskets on a simple board.  It was actually part of a display and not for sale, but the lady in this tent said people had been photographing it constantly.  She said that you could find it on the internet, but I haven't found it yet!  We started a search for wire buckets after seeing this fixture, and the cheapest we found were $30 a piece.  There's got to be a better way!  It was so unique though - great idea!
 This entire tent was just amazing - all lamps made out of things like the fan above, manhole covers, musical instruments, old phones - absolutely incredible!  They are made by a man from Alabama, and were just so cool - and expensive!  I wish I would have gotten more photos of his work, but he looked at me a little funny when I took this picture....The fan would probably be the easiest to recreate 
with a lamp kit and old fan, not so much welding!
This was my favorite find that I didn't actually buy - I just loved this ball!  But not the $40 price tag!!  What the heck?  I am thinking if I could find a similar material and a styrofoam ball, I could recreate it for much less!  I'll let you know how that goes....but I am determined to recreate this one!!

Oh, what DID I buy - well I only spent $25!  Here were my finds....
I love these kinds of plates - this one has scenes from Atlanta, where we used to live.  It reminds me of toile - which I know is no longer a hot trend, but it is classic and I love it still!
I got these little guys where I saw the cards above - that 4 is for the four of us and the letter is from our last name.  I have plans for these in a shadowbox frame as part of my gallery wall I am cooking up in my head. 
And here is my find of finds!  I got this at our first stop, and it was $14 and then 25% off - so for $11 and change, I got the gym locker basket that I've wanted forever.  The tab on the front has a locker number on it (109).  Lindsay saw one later for over $30 in Warrenton, so I feel like I got the deal of the day!  I have no idea what I am going to do with it yet - thinking of maybe rolling up some towels in it for our powder room, but not totally sold on that idea yet.  My father in law said that his high school had baskets just like this in his gym locker room! 

And Lindsay was the winner for finding the creepiest item of the day in the same place where I got the gym locker basket - and NONE of us got a picture of it!  I'm not sure I can even come close to describing it, but it was framed with a cut out drawing of a sleeping baby's face and hand with what was obviously the baby's real satin pillowcase and blanket and....curls of REAL HAIR on the cut-out paper baby head....CREEPY!  I'll definitely have to look for that little gem when we go back to the fall fair on October 1st! 

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  1. Sounds like you had a blast. I have been dreaming of going for sometime, maybe I can talk hubby into it for Oct. I love the Atlanta plate, of course.

    Cha Cha