Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quick Tip

I know I have been largely absent lately, but my computer is barely functioning, so I have to use it for things like banking and tracking my teen's grades online....blogging comes last unfortunately!  So before it dies again, I wanted to share a quick tip that I learned recently.....

I guess everyone in the world could already be doing this, but it was news to me.... When you need to spray cooking spray in a pan or dish, and don't want to also cover your kitchen counters in overspray, open your dishwasher, hold your pan/dish in there and spray away.  Any overspray will wash right away the next time you run it.  Brilliant! 

Hoping to be back soon with that linen closet - haven't tackled it yet, but I'm getting myself psyched up for it!  We did do some de-cluttering in the bonus room over the weekend.  I didn't take any pictures because frankly, it's too embarrassing up there to even share.  BUT 2 trash bags full of junk are gone and there is the beginnings of another Goodwill pile, so progress was made.  Life a little lighter again...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pantry DONE!!

This is going to be a quick one - my computer is dying a slow & painful death, and just shuts off randomly when I'm in the middle of something.  It took me over an hour & a half to get that last pantry post published, and I just don't have the patience for that tonight!!  BUT - I got the pantry doors done, so I can officially say that my Pantry has been Lightened as well!!

Before on the doors:

This is the side with spices - notice the 4th bin down - those are the smaller spice containers stacked on top of each other.  Yep - that's super fun to rummage through when looking for nutmeg!!  A couple of important facts to know about this side:
  1. Now-a-days, spices have expiration dates on them (usually on the bottom or in SUPER small print on the label
  2. Spices without dates are probably too old to really be any good.
  3. I used to live in Atlanta
  4. When in Atlanta, I shopped at Publix grocery store
  5. I moved to Central Texas in 2005
  6. I found MANY spices that were Publix brand....
Do that math - over 6 years old!  YUM!  I'm sure they were adding a lot of flavor to my cooking....ha ha....Consequently many spices were purged and the containers recycled.  Now I just have to remember to really check the spices before I go to the grocery store!   Here's that side now - and yes, the spices are in alphabetical order cuz I'm just that dorky (except the top shelf which are my Paula Deen spices that I LOVE - they get their own shelf!)
On the left are vinegars & cooking wines, jelly, honey and teas. 
I had WAY too much tea.  So I pared down to my favorite flavors and got rid of the rest.  And, once again, Publix brand vinegars & cooking wines went down the sink & bottles in to the recycling.  I also left that bottom shelf empty (it's not in the after picture) because The Wreaker pulled those koozies out ALL THE TIME and spread them all over the floor - now they are JUST out of her reach....for the moment....
So one more area lightened and organized in my home!  Next up is the linen closet upstairs....that's gonna be a doozy....because it's shaped like a TRIANGLE!!!  I'm not'll have to come back and check it out!